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Whipped African Shea Butter

Whipped African Shea Butter

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Our Whipped African Shea Butter originates exclusively from Ghana, crafted from the nuts of the Shea Tree. With superior qualities compared to Cocoa Butter and other vegetable butters, this product's rich fatty acids provide essential vitamins that rejuvenate and moisturize your hair and skin.

* If used on your hair. It will be softer, healthier, moisturized and more manageable. Good for dry itchy scalp.

Our Whipped African Shea Butter will also leave your skin looking and feeling smoother, softer, and healthier.

Experience the therapeutic effects of our Whipped  African Shea Butter, protecting your hair and skin from the harsh elements of wind, cold, and sun.

This natural butter is also an excellent sunscreen due to its high levels of Vitamin E and F.

Beneficial for various skin conditions such as:
• dryness
• eczema
• minor burns/sun burns
• dark spots
• skin discoloration
• stretch marks
• wrinkles, and blemishes

It is also a versatile hair moisturizer:
• for all hair types

Great option for:
• body massages
• applying to hair for moisture 
• use when blow drying
• treating diaper rash

Additionally, it can provide relief from
• swelling and arthritis pain

** Our Whipped Shea Butter is 100% natural and an unrefined product of Ghana that is long-lasting and does not expire. For optimal preservation.


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