What Is A Body Oil Candle?

What Is A Body Oil Candle?

Keisha B

A body oil candle is a candle that once lit, melts into a massage oil that can be applied to the body. Our candle is 100% pure soy wax, infused with premium essential oils and organic Shea Butter.

Light our body oil candle for 15-30 minutes, blow out the flame, let the oil cool for one minute, rub the oil on your skin and gently massage it in. To seal in the moisture. Apply the warm melted oils after your bath or shower.

Ease your tension by using the melted oils as a body massage. It will relax and soothe your mind, ease stiffness and pain while circulating your blood flow.

Feel the effects our candle has on your dry skin. It will leave it well glowing, moisturized and smelling good!


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