Think Its Too Hot for Hair Oil? Think Again!

Think Its Too Hot for Hair Oil? Think Again!

Its hot outside and now you’re saying to yourself “I can’t put this Hair Booster oil in my hair, its way too hot, It might make my face greasy, and make me feel hot”! Not with the Hair Booster Growth Oil!

With Novei Essentials Hair Booster Growth Oil there’s no greasy look. The oil wont run down your face and you will definitely stay cool and won’t feel greasy either. Our Hair Booster Growth Oil wont sit on your scalp which means it won’t give you that oily clogged up feeling or weigh your hair down making your hair look stringy. 

What our Hair Booster growth oil does, it penetrates your follicles quickly, so you can get all the nutrients from the premium essential oils and organic herbs. It leaves your hair feeling soft. a great hair moisturizer that won’t leave your mane looking heavy, greasy and clumpy.

Novei’s Hair Booster is made to help you maintain a healthy hair lifestyle, whether it’s hot or cold outside, your hair is short, long, straight, relaxed or natural. Novei’s Hair Booster is made for all hair types and people who are suffering from dry scalp, thinning hair, bald spots, the “crunchy hair syndrome” and weak hair follicles.

Lets face it. We all feel good when we look good. Self care is a necessity.  Use our Hair Booster Growth Oil only three times per week. Put it directly on your scalp, massage onto  your scalp and style as desired  

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