Novei Essentials Self Care Box {Customized}

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For customized boxes, please select the duration time, along with the type of self care box needed.
We will contact you within 24hrs EST to get you on your self care journey.
Whether it’s an at-home Spa experience, Staycation or a Vacation. Self care is the most important thing for you to relax, relate and release from the daily stress of life encounters. Set aside ME time, or include your significant  other to indulge in our Couples Staycation Essentials Box. Providing our couples with the most needed serenity in a box!

Speaking of serenity, our Women Self Care Box is definitely the ideal box filled with all the sweet essential goodies you need to relax from your stressed filled day. From Vegan friendly bombs to steamers to soaps to bath soaks to candles and Yoni oils. This is an ideal self care box you will love. 
You know we couldn’t forget about men. Its only right to include you in on this. You need self care too. We got you covered with our Mens Self Care Box. Taking care of YOU is the ideal and only thing to do. Packed with Male Health Tea, Beard Oil, Beard Comb and spa-like essentials. You’re bound to love and repeat your Self Care routine more often.
*All Novei Essentials Self Care Boxes can be customized to meet your needs. If you have a booked getaway and need your Self Care Box prior to your booked date. Please order in advance and inform us of the date. **Remember to allow ample order processing and shipping time to receive your box. 

💖Keisha B. 

**NOTE: we may have products that belong in the Self Care Box that might be SOLD OUT. If so, you can customize with other in-stock products or Pre-Order the SOLD OUT items accordingly.
Couples Staycation Essentials Box | Women Self Care Box | Men Self Care Box | Customized Essentials Box | Vacation Essentials Box
*The said price is a base price. Be aware, the more products you add to your Self Care Box the said price will increase. 

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