Monthly Subscriptions

Never run out of bar soaps and candles again! Stay fresh and clean while filling your home with the aromatic fragrances by signing up for your quarterly subscription. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. Just choose your options at checkout.

Are you curious about how many bar soaps to purchase? 
Depending on how often you shower, most people use up to 2 bar soaps every month  I broke this down into three categories. Now lets see how many bar soaps you will need to purchase for your quarterly subscription.

Heavy Shower
9 soap bars every three months. 3 bars per month. 
Usually showering two to three times per day. 

Average Shower
6 soap bars every three months. 2 bars per month. 
Usually showering one to two times per day. 

Light Shower
3 soap bars every three months. 1 bar per month. 
Usually showering every other day. 

Love taking baths? Most people take baths twice a month. If this is you. Order 6 bath bombs every quarter.

Want an aromatic experience with out worrying about when to order your soy candles?
You can also add candles to your quarterly subscription. Making your bath experience an aromatic at-home spa day. 4 candles per month is ideal for your home to experience that aromatic fragrance.  

* All subscriptions will be shipped (every three months) quarterly via UPS ground shipping. 
* Each bar soap should last you for up to two weeks, if bar soap is stored in a dry place after each use. 

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