About Novei Essentials

Novei Essentials is a bath, body and hair growth line from Keisha B: an entrepreneur and a business coach from New York, 

Keisha B believes a self care routine will empower you to feel better and look better. Giving you the confidence you are longing for and keeping you on your self care journey routine.

All products are cruelty-free, paraben-free and 100% (Vegan) plant based, which makes it ideal for the entire family.

A few words from Keisha B…

Taking care of an ailing mother going through chemo therapy gave me the inspiration to produce essential products to remedy her ailments such as my Self Care Scented Body Oil Candle for her extremely dry skin and my Hair Booster growth oil for her hair loss.

I wanted to make sure my mom felt the way she used to feel prior to her chemo treatments when she looked in the mirror, as chemo therapy can be very aggressive to the human body inside and out.

All products are handmade with love, as I desire to have customers enjoy the benefits of Novei Essentials.

~ Keisha B