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Are you curious about how many bar soaps to purchase?
Depending on how often you shower, most people use up to 4 bar soaps every month.

Heavy Shower: 6 bar soaps every month. 
Usually showering two to three times per day. 

Average Shower: 4 bar soaps every month.
Usually showering one to two times per day. 

Light Shower: 2 soap bars every month.
Usually showering once per day.

Bath Soaks and Bombs: Great for your once a week self care routine.4 bath soaks, 4 bombs or 4 steamers every month.

Body Oil Soy + Coconut Candles
4 candles per month is ideal for your home to experience that aromatic fragrance. While remedying you’re dry skin with the premium essential oils this candle has to offer.

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