New Novei Essentials Product’s Alert…

New Novei Essentials Product’s Alert…

Novei Essentials new products are finally here. From our Refresh Shampoo, leaving your hair and scalp squeaky clean to our Reclaim Conditioner which makes your hair soft, manageable and moisturized, to our Nourish & Grow hair oil that remedies your bald spots, thinning and damaged hair.

That’s not all! We’re also introducing our Buttah Love Shea Butter, made for all skin types making your skin silky smooth with a soft buttery feel. Are you up for better skin with Novei Essentials?

• Hair check ✅
• Skin check ✅
• Wellness check ✅

Now lets get your mind and body right with a relaxing and calming path with our wellness products that will take you into a mode you have been waiting for. We want you to relax, relate and release 
your every day life stresses with Novei Essentials hair, skin and wellness products.  

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