Moroccan Vanilla Soy Candle

Posted by Keisha B on

Enjoy the aroma of our luxurious, rich Moroccan vanilla bean soy candle. Sounds delicious? It is! Its Infused with premium essential oils. Giving you such a smooth and enchanting fragrance. 
Vanilla candles are known to be burned year round and not just for the holidays. Add one of our Moroccan ‘Vanilla Bean’ soy candles to your collection. 


Never run out of our soy candles again! Keep your home fragrant with our premium essential oils soy candles by signing up for your quarterly subscription. It’s one less thing you have to worry about. Just choose your options at checkout.

Notes: Vanilla
Soy candles are healthier to breathe, no black dust. Burn approximately for 96 hours. Three hour first burn recommended to ensure even burn.

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