Yes! Men Can Use It Too!

Yes! Men Can Use It Too!

The question is…can men use our Hair Booster growth oil? The answer is…YES!

How can we leave the men out of their hair growth journey? Hair is hair, wether you’re a man, woman or a child. Our Hair Booster is the ideal oil to stimulate your hair follicles to see ample growth. 

So, men you don't need your barber to glue hair on your scalp. You’re looking crazy! Don't be afraid to use our Hair Booster. Women and kids aren't the only ones facing hair issues. We see you as well. You’re in the barber chair trying to hide that bald spot by making sure your barber gives you that nice fade making it coincide with your bald spots. Come on now! Who you fooling. We see you with that dry, flaky bald scalp. How you taking care of that? Vaseline? Grease? First off, Vaseline is thick, made with petroleum jelly, it clogs your pores and attracts dirt. Can you actually pronounce the ingredients in your hair grease? Why use that when you can use our Hair Booster with plant based ingredients that you can actually read and pronounce making it ideal for the entire family down to the kids.

Fellas! Yes you! Own your self care routine, use the Hair Oil, you need it. Its even great on your beard and it smells absolutely astonishing. Even though its an oil. It is a non-greasy oil. You wont look like a shiny bowling ball. You will gain a healthy scalp and activate hair follicles that you thought was almost gone, making you think its really the end to your hair days.

You can purchase our Hair Booster on our Website. We suggest two bottles per order or sign up for a monthly subscription so you will never run out of Novei’s Hair Booster. 

Hair Booster Benefits:

  • 20 Organic Herbs
  • 8 Premium Organic Oils
  • Bald Spot Regrowth
  • Moisturizes
  • Strengthens
  • Shinier Hair
  • Longer Hair
  • Fuller Hair
  • Non-Greasy

All of our ingredients are 100% plant based. We took time to focus on what each oil and herb does individually. By combining all ingredients, our knock out formula gives your hair the ample moisture and strength needed to activate your follicles for growth.

We don’t want you to feel uncomfortable using our Hair Booster, thinking its only for women. As long as you have hair, bald spots, dry scalp, alopecia and you’re not allergic to any oils and herbs our Hair Booster will start you or even continue your hair growth journey.


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