Christmas In July…What Say You?

Christmas In July…What Say You?

Keisha B

Hey world! As we wind down on the Summer season. Many of you is winding up for the Christmas season. Yep! Its Christmas in July. Now is the time many consumers are adding to their list and also shopping for those holiday gifts for their friends and family. What are you all shopping for this upcoming Christmas season? Novei Essentials have you covered with self care essentials for you, your friends and family. Gift them the ideal self care products they will love.

From the Lemongrass and Calendula, Lingonberry and our bestest Rose bar soaps. Get ready to shop these amazing smell goods (again) that leave your skin well moisturized through-out the Autumn and Winter seasons. In addition to our bar soaps, you must use our 100% Aloe Vera Gel. A great moisturizer for your entire body and even your hair. Yes! Your hair.  


Now that your body is moisturized lets incorporate our Hair, Skin and Nails vitamins into your daily routine. Its made just for you to give you that natural glow and maintaining the elastin, which is a major component in the hair, skin and nails. Only two capsules per day will have you glowed up year round. What a great starter gift this holiday season.


Not only do you need vitamins to keep you feeling and looking good, you might just want to incorporate our Hair Booster Growth Oil with it as well. Yep, its a non-greasy oil made with 20 essential organic herbs and 8 premium essential oils to grow, strengthen and moisturize your hair and scalp. Just remember, its not all about the length, its about a healthy and well moisturized hair and scalp. Our Hair Booster Growth Oil can be used by the entire family including your little ones. What say you?


You know as the cold air is approaching us, you will definitely need to keep your lips well moisturized. Come on, who really wants chapped lips? I know I don't, so just make sure you scrub your lips with our Lip Scrubs every evening to maintain those kissable lips. A great add on to any gift and it comes in many flavors like strawberry, chocolate, mango raspberry and vanilla. 


Tell me what's your favorite season? I love Spring and Autumn. Only because there aren't that many bugs and insects hovering around you. At times you can't even spray smell goods on your body in the warmer climate months as those bugs will be trailing you. There's no need to worry, at Novei Essentials, we restocked our Bliss and King Body Spray which is a similar fragrance to the mens Cool Water Cologne. Our body sprays are indeed a nice and calming fragrance made without alcohol, it can definitely be sprayed onto your skin without the burn that most body sprays give you due to the alcohol content.

This is a great gift idea. Besides it being a body spray it is also great for your linens. Just spray on your sheets to have a good nights sleep, the Bliss Body Spray is a light lavender fragrance that can even be used on your child linens as well, so they can have a comfy and sound sleep. You know the kiddos are best when they are well rested!


Lets narrow it down, sometimes we just don't know what to purchase as a gift for our friends, family, loved ones or even our colleague’s. However, at Novei Essentials, we have the ideal gift for you to give any one, it doesn't matter the occasion or season. Want to know what the ideal gift is? Its our coconut blend soy wax candles. Purchase the Holiday Vibes or our Self Care Body Oil fragrance candles, trust me, it will be well appreciated.


So, are you ready for the holidays and all of the festivities that come along with it? Lets get started by purchasing your self care products with Novei Essentials, not only as gifts to others but also self caring for you and don't forget our products are handmade in New York and its totally 100% organic, 100% plant based and 100% made with love. 🛍️ Happy shopping! 






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