Chips + Candy + Cakes Oh My!

Chips + Candy + Cakes Oh My!

Keisha B


It can be hard eating and living a healthy lifestyle. With all the great tasing potato chips, candy, cakes, poultry, meats, seafood and more; we think there’s nothing else out there that can substitute this kind of food. Or better yet we think any other kind of food wouldn’t taste just as good. 

However, there are better food options to Indulge in. As we are all so quick to just grab something and go instead of being aware of what we are actually putting into our body. It will take time and effort to incorporate a new (lets go with healthy food) lifestyle within your daily routine. 

Have you ever tried eating only plant based? Eating organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, legumes and more will give you a boost of energy. I went plant based (cold turkey) over 8 years ago. I never felt better in my life the boost of energy, the weight lost, the happiness, less brain fog, the self love you gain is priceless.

This is not a PBA. I just want every one to be mindful of their food intake. Juicing is one of my faves! You have options to eat or drink your favorite fruits and vegetables to live more healthy, decrease or even stop your pharmaceutical medications. How good is this!?

Do more by adding supplements such as (just to name a few) Black Seed Oil, Oil of Oregano, Sea Moss and Sour Sop for your body, mind and soul. Meditate, exercise, eat right, read more, get into something you adore, (a craft, a hobby) a business you dreamed of owning, your kids, husband, wife, family. Its all such a great thing knowing how at ease your daily lifestyle can be by just readjusting YOU!

Start getting creative with your lifestyle! 

Live. Love. Life.

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