Grow Your Hair Care Business

Grow Your Hair Care Business

Keisha B

Novei Essentials is now offering our Hair Booster for white-label wholesale purchase. Our Hair Booster growth oil is Vegan Friendly and is packed with 20 organic herbs and 8 essential premium oils.

Ever thought of owning your own hair care line?
What are you waiting for? Hair care and beauty products has become a multi-billion dollar industry. You can start or add to your hair care business by purchasing our Hair Booster growth oil. Our oil is ideal for the entire family to use. It is a non-greasy plant based oil that will stimulate your hair follicles for hair growth. Our product has been used on people who suffer from alopecia, cancer, bald spots, thinning hair, dry and itchy scalp, and even kids as young as three years old.

We work exclusively with many hair stylists nation-wide that put their brand on our bottles to make additional income for their business. We take the weight off your shoulders by making sure you are able to tend to your clients and not worrying about the production side of things. All you should be worried about is getting your brand labels on the bottle and growing your brand. 

Novei Essentials is efficient in making our products with a fast turn around and a low Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ). All of our products are handmade in New York. We ship via UPS and we take pride in making sure every item goes out in perfect condition by doing an extensive quality check and also making sure your order gets to you with out damage by packing the bottles securely.

Contact Novei Essentials so we can assist you with your white label wholesale purchase.



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