Are You Dating Your Spouse?

Are You Dating Your Spouse?

I have two questions to ask of you...

1). How long have you been a couple?

2). How long have you been dating as a couple?

Scenario: You can be a couple for a total of 5 years but have only dated each other for 2 out of the 5 years. What happened to the other 3 years?

Some times relationships get stale. Going on dates is key. Yes, not every one can afford a date night out on the town as we have many responsibilities to render our monies to.

However, you can still date your significant other as easy as: 

  • a date night at least once a week at home

Most marriages do experience dry moments. Having a couples night out or even an at home date night is ideal to keeping the marriage strong. Have kids? Kindly ask a family member to volunteer to babysit for you, tell them why you want them to babysit. Most family members will understand. Especially the ones who already have or had little kids. Incorporating a date night routine together will increase:

  • better communication and affection
  • mental stimulation

Making you want to spend more time together and adding some creativity that some relationships might be lacking from.

A couples date night can be as simple as setting up your bedroom or a space in your home with a calm, romantic and a soothing setting with some rose petals, balloons, champagne even a little gift for your significant other. Starting off with a hidden love note under the pillow.

  • a candle light dinner
  • our scented body oil candle for massages

The key elements of this is to never stop dating each other. I always say that marriage and love (some might say its a “job”) I say its a career. We do things because we want and need to. Make this a need to date your spouse or significant other as often as possible. 

Whether you’re married or single. Strengthen your soul connection within your relationship and see the dynamics unfold right in front of your eyes. 

For your date night purchase our:

  • Self Care Scented Body Oil Candle
  • Beard + Mustache Styling Balm
  • Hair Booster
  • Bliss Body Spray (also used on linens for that in between the sheets fragrance) 


Date Night Equals The Best Night of the Week!


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