Are You A Procrastinator?

Are You A Procrastinator?

Keisha B


Nothing gets completed in life unless you have a daily system intact. Being in this world, at times I am on a schedule sometimes down to the minute. By doing so, I’ve noticed people will say “you are so by the book”. Excuse me, what book? The “book” they was talking about was me always being on a schedule from the time I rise out of bed until I lay back down to sleep. 

We all know of someone like this. Every minute of their life is accounted for. Some will say its similar to a military lifestyle others will say its keeping your life in the perspective order you desire.

So, heres the thing. I always converse about PROCRASTINATION. This is a word that most of us know oh too well. We procrastinate on things we say we want to do. Then get aggravated when its not complete. How can you beat your self up when you hold yourself back from the things that you wish to accomplish?

I will listen to people complain about how things never go their way. What concerns me is; what are you actually doing so things can actually go your way?

  • Are you being productive (on a daily basis) in the field you desire?
  • Do you have a daily, weekly, monthly and a yearly schedule to adhere to?
These are a couple of things you must start to acquire to get rid of the procrastination within yourself. 

Must we not forget that most procrastinators usually have a negative mindset and are usually saying they will never ask any one for help they will get it done how ever they get it done. Three, four, five years later they’re reiterating the same line and still in a procrastination lifestyle and probably in a worse situation than prior. People like this will never reach to the desired level they wish for.

We all need a helping hand in every thing we do. We can not do any and every thing alone. If you choose not to ask because your "EGO” got the best of you. Then please stop complaining and keep procrastinating. 

Procrastinators usually have:

  • Bad eating habits
  • Mood swings
  • Dis-organization with time and resources
  • Distractions 
  • Low self-esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Poor study habits

Yes, people who do not procrastinate and adhere to a daily schedule, usually pay their bills on time, have set rules of their (and family) lifestyle, as well as their business goals to accomplish. One might say people like this have everything in tact. However, sometimes everything isn't in tact. Its just that they have reservations to make future endeavors intact for a fruitful life. 

Stop your procrastination TODAY:

  • Acquire a daily schedule
  • Meditate
  • Read books
  • Set goals
  • Set deadlines
  • Change your home environment. A cluttered home is a cluttered and depressed mind set

Now you know the little things of procrastination. What are you going to do differently today?!

If you’re a procrastinator. Leave a comment let us know how are you going to rid your procrastination today.

Also share what you do, to not have a  procrastinating lifestyle. I will love to know!

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